It's time to travel again? But with whom? Many people make it dependent on who accompanies them. First and foremost is the partner or the family, some travel with friends. But why not jump into the adventure on your own? You can make it alone successfully if you check our editor note on travelling.

Wherever You Want:

The sense of freedom in a journey on your own starts with the choice of the place: What is the feeling right now? Where have I always wanted to go? If you are Travelling alone, you are already listening very deeply into the planning. If the holiday has been approved and the appropriate budget is available, there are no limits! They make decisions and take responsibility only for themselves.

Planning Or Spontaneity:

Also, in terms of the type of accommodation, the food or the relationship of relaxation and action, listening to your inner needs continues. If you are still a bit unsure, you can be sure of safety by booking as much as possible from home. Spontaneous minds, on the other hand, will especially love Travelling alone, so that they can simply live their lives into the day.

Everything In Your Own Rhythm:

Apart from possible meal times of the accommodation or booked tours everything happens exactly in your rhythm. You sleep as much or as little as you want - if you see a nice shop, go in spontaneously and look around. If you feel like reading, read and if you are hungry, look for a snack. Especially in terms of basic needs, many people tick differently. It is all the better that you only have to satisfy your own.


Consciously Perceive:

By spending time alone, you sharpen your perception. This applies to listening to one's own needs and the inner as well as the outer environment. While one often walks around in conversation in society, one is alone - especially as a woman - much more cautious and thus attentive. They perceive things that you might not have noticed otherwise. They taste, smell and feel much more conscious when you are alone. As a result, you live more carefully and more in the here and now.

Always in company:

In most places around the world, it's hard to be alone. Whether it's transfer, accommodation, excursions or a stroll through the city: everywhere are people with whom you can conduct small talk. And if you long for company, it is usually amazingly easy to meet someone. Especially with guided tours this usually happens by itself.

Distance Creates Proximity:

Many are afraid that their partner or their family might feel left behind when Travelling alone. It applies to almost all interpersonal relationships that creates a degree of distance closeness. Often you only know when you are no longer together, what you value in the other. A nice side effect here is that you have much more to tell, if you have not experienced everything together.